Let’s land you a tech job in Berlin.
Flights are on us.


We believe in giving top tech talent opportunities to learn, grow, and thrive. That is why we created the Top Talent Grant, and have been giving +500 tech professionals, from all around Europe, a trip to our events so they can land a job from Landing Festival.

This year, we are focusing our Grants on professionals with a Development, Data Science, or Product and Design backgrounds, to join us on April 3rd - 4th in one of Europe’s leading tech hubs: Berlin!

After applying and being selected for the Top Talent Grant, we will cover your flight from a city of your choice to Berlin. More importantly, we will share your profile with companies we think would be right for you, so as to improve your chances of landing a job in Berlin.

how it works

Fill in our application form until February 28th 2019, and give us some more info about you, and why you want to be part of the 2019 Top Talent Grant.
We will be going through all applications, and assessing them based on their fit with our focus categories (Development, Data Science, Product and Design), motivation, and skills.
Congrats! You were selected for the Top Talent Grant 2019. This is when you have to buy your ticket to Landing Festival and create your Landing.jobs account so that you can take the most of the event while we take care of all the flight-booking hassle.
It’s April 2019, and you’re on a plane to Berlin, about to know more than 30 companies hiring tech professionals like you.

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Landing Festival is a 2-day event which provides tech professionals with curated talks and workshops on the latest trends, career advice, and networking opportunities within the tech community.
Learn from the Best
Continuous learning means tech professionals need to stay updated with the latest technological advances. We offer attendees targeted technical content to accomplish just that.
Boost Your Career
We believe it takes more than functional expertise to make a good tech professional. As such, we are providing our attendees with career talks and workshops which allow them to reflect on their growth and career opportunities.
Land Opportunities
Sometimes, all it takes is a little push. By bringing together more than 1500 attendees, 30 companies, and 50 speakers and experts, we are fostering a world of opportunities. From getting to know fellow professionals having the same struggles as you, to getting to know companies with great products and maybe joining their team.