Tiago Franco

Tiago Franco // CEO @ Imaginary Cloud

Imaginary Cloud is a successful and fast-growing company, working to design and develop cutting-edge web and mobile products. We design web and mobile products with our user-centered Product Design Process, and build them with our Agile Development Process, delivering new features within short time frames and answering quickly to change. Tiago is the CEO of Imaginary Cloud, a company he founded in 2010 after realizing that there was a flaw in the way software is developed and how it was inadequate to the end user.

Node.js vs Ruby on Rails: one tech to rule them all?

June 29th • Main Stage • Regular Ticket & Premium Ticket

When a new project starts, there’s the task of deciding the best approach for its development. With so many options to pick, the best way to make sure that we’re using the right tools for the job is starting with a technological benchmark. That’s exactly what happened at Imaginary Cloud a couple of months ago, as we analyzed two different tech stacks that we consider to be the best fit for us and our clients: Node.js and Ruby on Rails. Is one better than the other? Which one is more flexible and has better support from the community? Which are the key features of each? Is there one tech that is best suited for all projects? By the end of this presentation, everyone should have a clear understanding of each technologies’ strong points. We will use this insight to encourage a discussion on the topic based on the audience own experience with both.