Ricardo Silva

Ricardo Silva ~ Software Developer @ Critical Techworks

Ricardo Silva studied computer engineering at Guarda Polytechnic Institute, Portugal. Started working using Microsoft technologies since 2008 after completed the graduation degree. In 2019, new challenge was accepting and consist create system that communicate with car using natural voice and recognition intentions for drivers and passengers for all countries in the world.

Building an Intelligent Car Assistant

June 29th • Careers Room • Regular Ticket & Premium Ticket

Voice recognition systems coupled with recent advancements in AI are reshaping the way with interact with our surrounding environment. Alexa, Watson and Sophia are probably the AI enabled assistants that have made the most headway in the field. They are different from previous generations of voice controlled assistants in that they are no longer just processors for voice commands but can assess, analyze and react to contextual information, generating insightful conversations that mimic lifelike personality.

During this workshop, you’ll hear about how we give BMW cars an assertive, personal and always learning Intelligent Personal Assistant, while also learning how to develop one yourself.