Pedro Prats

Pedro Prats ~ Engineering Lead @

I’m into all things technological and state-of-the-art solutions that are progressively changing our everyday lives. I’m invested into making that change a GOOD one and having a GREAT time while driving it. I’ve been a Software Engineer, Business Consultant, Team Lead, Project Manager, Product Owner. Lately I’ve been investing my energy in 2 distinct but intertwined topics: the future of tech work and the mysteries of the brain.

Product Development for and with Millennials: using cognitive science to close the generation gap

June 28th • Side Stage • Premium Ticket

Millennials are already the largest generation in the world’s labor force. Like it or not, millennials already dictate how the future decades will look like. Even more so in the tech world. While there’s not much more to say about millennials, the discussion is still out there. Generations always had a really hard time understanding each other’s idiosyncrasies but, perhaps never before in the history of mankind, has a generation been so studied, compared and scrutinized, idolized and vilified. Why do generations think differently? We always tend to find the nurture route of explanation the easiest to understand and the most intuitive, finding contextual socio-economic and cultural explanatory dimensions to why a particular generation is the way it is. However, if you throw cognitive science into the mix, you’ll soon understand how reductionist it is to think solely in terms of external cause and internal consequence. I’ll argue that, once you do, new sets of tools arise to better deal with generation clashes, Millennials included.