Olivier Faivre

Olivier Faivre ~ Team Manager in Patent Examination @ European Patent Office

Olivier is Team Manager at the European Patent Office in the Hague (NL). He studied physics and biology in France and in the US, then obtained a PhD on laser microscopy from the University of Cambridge. He joined the EPO in 2009 where he worked at the three sites (Berlin, Munich, the Hague) of the organisation. He currently leads a team of 20 patent examiners that focuses on navigation systems (including autonomous vehicles and drones). What he most loves about working at the EPO is the unique mix of language skills, technical expertise and legal knowledge involved. Outside work he is a keen triathlete and loves the outdoors.

Experience the life of a patent examiner

June 29th • Workshop Room 2 • Regular Ticket & Premium Ticket

What is an invention? How are patents being granted? Do you have what it takes to become a patent examiner?
We will give you a glimpse into the life of our patent examiners who work at the forefront of technology and deal with the latest and most challenging technical innovations every day. Learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about how the European Patent Office protects tomorrow’s inventions. The workshop will comprise practical examples and a challenge to see how quickly you can retrieve information.