Nazar Hembara

Nazar Hembara // Managing Director & Co-Founder @

Nazar is a Co-founder and Managing Director at who helps businesses to keep customer communication personal at scale using AI chatbots. BotsCrew was nominated as #1 AI Developer in the world in 2017 and 2018 by Clutch. Before starting BotsCrew, Nazar worked as a Software Engineer. Holds M.S. in Computer Science.

How to build a successful AI Chatbot?

June 28th • Main Stage • Premium Ticket

According to BI Intelligence, about 80% of businesses will use chatbots by 2020. The mission of these chatbots is to assist customers in their journey as quickly as possible, whether it is answering the questions, qualifying leads, or collecting contact details to make a sale. Although Chatbots are now widely used, their technologies and development approach are still in the early stage, and many Chatbots fail to meet Users’ and Business’ expectations. Your experience with designing websites or mobile apps may lead you down the wrong path. Conversational interfaces have their unique requirements. If we want to build great chatbots, we need to take a different development approach by focusing on data. In this talk, I will share the lessons my team, and I have learned when building 150+ AI chatbots for startups and Fortune 500 companies.