Melinda Seckington

Melinda Seckington ~ Technical Manager @ FutureLearn

Melinda Seckington is a Technical Manager at FutureLearn, the social learning platform offering free and paid-for online courses and degrees from leading universities and organisations worldwide. She speaks at international technology conferences and writes for MissGeeky, a blog about all things geeky and girly. When she’s not busy with events or blogging, you can find Melinda curled up on her couch with a good book or video game.

Level Up: Developing Developers

June 29th • Main Stage • Regular Ticket & Premium Ticket

It’s rare that in the tech industry we’ll stick with one single job. As developers, we’re constantly learning: whether it’s figuring out how to solve new problems, learning new skills and technologies, or switching to a completely new role, we’re in an industry that requires constant change. As leads, we should make it easier for developers to understand what options are available to them, allow them to make time for learning and provide structures and processes for them to develop the skills that they want and need for future roles. This talk will look at how you can help level up your developers by using competencies and career development frameworks, what types of processes you can introduce to support personal development and how developers should be using opportunities like these to get a better understanding of what skills they should focus on.