Marco Pinheiro

Marco Pinheiro ~ Data Science & AI Lead at EDP Innovation

I love anything related to computer science. When I was 6 I found my parents’ MSX computer. Since then I have not stopped to learn and be fascinated by the potential of IT. I work for EDP Innovation as a Data Scientist and a Big Data Engineer solving with my team the hardest EDP’s data challenges.

EDP Data Innovation – behind the scenes

June 28th • Main Stage • Premium Ticket

We will walk you through some of the most challenging data science projects we have been working on while revealing the technologies we love to use. How we forecast 100,000 energy points all over the Portuguese grid every day for the next couple of days? How we transform 6 million monthly energy readings to intra-day consumption curves in order to compute retailer portfolio load and energy settlement? How we monitor thousands of trees which grow nearby power lines? Behind the scenes – we will reveal just what our data science teams do at EDP.