Marc Päpper

Marc Päpper // Machine Learning & Software Engineer @

Background in informatics and comp. neuroscience, co-founder of the software agency Lemundo GmbH, Marc Päpper is an avid learner and frequent conference speaker.

Help Pacman beat the ghosts with deep Q learning

June 28th • Main Stage • Premium Ticket

Did you ever want to defeat a computer game by only watching the screen? You can using a software agent! However, the challenge is this: given only the image pixels of the computer screen, the agent needs to figure out how to optimally play the game. In this talk I will lead you in-depth and step by step through the deep Q learning algorithm which uses neural networks to learn a Q policy which represents the optimal action given the current situation. The talk will feature code samples in Python and put all the pieces together in a live demo showing an agent learning to master a game.