Luís Abreu

Luís Abreu ~ CTO @ Nmbrs

Luis Abreu is CTO at Nmbrs®, a SaaS company that supplies HR / Payroll software aimed at providing employees with the best HR service. Abreu is passionate about Artificial Intelligence and Software Architectures.

After graduating from Instituto Superior Técnico, Luis Abreu moved to The Nederlands and fell in love with its culture. In addition to his work at Nmbrs®, he is the co-founder of Grappster, a big-data tool for SMEs, and WallyLabs, which helps companies get more out of their online social marketing, sales and support.

Why AI for business apps development

June 29th • Main Stage • Premium Ticket

AI brings new possibilities to develop apps and products that go beyond user expectations. It enables the next generation of business apps that will transform our society and economy. In this talk, I’ll present: – How we’re using AI to develop our platform; – The impact AI has on the industry we’re targeting; and – Real examples of how AI is learning and developing itself from our database.