José Paiva

José Paiva

José Paiva ~ CEO & Co-founder @

José Paiva is Co-founder and CEO at, after an extensive People Management and Business Intelligence career in companies ranging from Novabase to Banco de Portugal and Link Consulting.

Skilled in Team Management, People Development, and Career Coaching, José hired several people and followed/helped them evolve from Interns to Senior Managers. He is also skilled in Business Intelligence and Performance Management.

The Four Factors You Don’t Know About Your Salary

June 28th • Careers Room • Premium Ticket

In this workshop, we will bust the myth that salaries in the tech industry depend mostly on the expertise and knowledge of the talent. Indeed, two candidates with identical profiles may earn very different values, depending on four different factors: Location, Industry, Company, and Project.

Why is that? How can we take advantage of those? And what is a good salary today? Find out the answers to all these questions