Luis Santos

Luis Santos ~ Data Scientist @ Celfocus

Luis Santos is currently a Data Scientist at Celfocus – since May 2018. His current interests are the design and operationalization of fundamental Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence towards challenges within Big Data in the IT operational domain. Between 2011 and 2018, Luis acted as Project and Technical Manager in projects on Artificial Intelligence enabled Robots applied the societal challenge of Aging. Before – since 2007 – he was a full-time researcher in the areas of Bayesian Theory applied to Cognitive Systems, Behavior Analysis, Social Robotics and Human Robot Interaction.

AI Enabled Network Operations

June 29th • Side Stage • Regular Ticket & Premium Ticket

The dynamics and complexity of the telecom market is growing faster than ever before, a fact felt so impactfully at the core network operations level. Soon, Human operators will lack the ability to handle all network problems on their own, and machines will have to step up to the task. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence appear as perfect candidates to diagnose, decide and actuate in such complex environments. In this talk, CelFocus will share the experience based on real challenges on AI Enabled Network Operation management, which span horizontally through the operational value chain – from autonomous detection of critical anomalies in the network to root cause analysis and automatic resolution.