Inês Louro

Inês Louro ~ Product Design Team Lead @ Pipedrive

Inês Louro is a Design Team Lead in Pipedrive, in Lisbon. She studied and worked in the UK for almost 10 years, focusing on web solutions for various industries before switching to Product. Now working at Pipedrive, she is part of a multi-diverse environment, with different locations and roles that, together, action insights and influence roadmaps. When not at work, you will find her playing board & video games and at the music scene.

Building Products as a Tribe

June 28th • Side Stage • Premium Ticket

Here at Pipedrive we get inspired by modern frameworks and this one has been keeping the wheel turning between offices, countries and teams. You will hear about our mission and tribes framework, which was implemented in Pipedrive about a year ago. It radically transformed our way of developing our product – it’s about mixing the engineering and product teams organically, following a structured path of exploration and development. Be prepared to hear which and how roles are important in shaping successful features, since launch to land phases, directly from engineering, product management and design professionals.