Duarte Amaral da Cruz

Duarte Amaral da Cruz ~ Tax Lawyer @ MC&A Advogados

Why switching to Contractor is a great career move!

June 29th • Careers Room • Premium Ticket

On this 1h session we’re going to explore all the details of the work and life as a Contractor. Join Pedro Oliveira and two of his guests (a fiscal law specialist and a contractor) to go deep on these topics:

  • How hard is it to setup a fiscally efficient company in Portugal in order to start working as a Contractor?
  • How can you optimise your Company’s fiscal component?
  • What kind of contractor jobs are available in the marketplace? Who should be and who shouldn’t be a Contractor?
  • How can you ditch the outsourcing-middlemen and start managing the client on your own?
  • Sometimes dealing with a client can be though, how to manage that?
  • How easy is it to incorporate remote work into a contractor’s life?

The guests are:

  • Dr. Duarte Amaral da Cruz
  • TBD