Diogo Rendeiro

Diogo Rendeiro ~ Director of Product Strategy @ Feedzai

Hi, I’m Diogo.
Engineer by training, data visualisation and usability geek, and Lego builder since I was 4. With over a decade of experience designing products, I’ve always been fascinated by technology — the growth and creativity it enables, the impact it has on society, and the challenges it entails.
At Feedzai we build AI powered products to make online payments safer for everyone. As a Director of Product Strategy, I wear many hats — currently I’m working on enabling the growth and learning of our Product teams, fostering the adoption of innovation methods and promoting AI-first design.
On my free time I buy and wear hats, play boardgames and mix drinks (in no particular order).

A Kind of Magic: Designing AI-first Products

June 29th • Main Stage • Regular Ticket & Premium Ticket

In the age of AI overhype, how can we leverage AI capabilities to design magical user experiences?

20 years ago the dot.com crash forced the Tech sector to focus on fast iteration to reach product/market fit. Enter Agile, the now de facto standard in to deliver incremental innovation.

In the last decade innovation accelerated: The benefits of winner-take-all effects in VC funding and market dominance forced Startups to scale aggressively. Remember Friendster? First-mover into social networks. They lost to the first-scaler (Facebook).

With the popularisation of AI, we’ve entered a hype zone where “secret sauce algorithms” promise to fuel the hyper growth the Tech sector craves. This has produced countless pseudo-AI products, obfuscating the real value and impact of AI to society.

In the midst of the rise of AI, not all is #fakenews: new products emerged that deliver experiences that feel like magic to users. However, most merely follow a “just add AI” approach that produces AI-powered features on top of a pre-AI experience.

AI-first product design requires renegotiating the roles and boundaries of what humans do and what machines do. Building an acceptable self-driving car is not something you can accomplish with an MVP approach and agile increments of functionality. It either is reliable enough or it is not.

At Feedzai, innovation and AI are our DNA. We continuously groom our toolbox of innovation methods and pursue 10x products with an AI first mindset. In this talk, we’ll share stories of two AI products we’ve launched recently, from idea generation to getting the product to market.