Angelique Slob

Angelique Slob ~ People and Culture Strategist @ Hello Monday

Angelique Slob is the founder of Hello Monday and works as an People, Culture and Organisational Strategist and specialises in new ways of working, startups cultures and the future of work. She supports future-minded tech companies from around the world with building thriving organisations that are ready for the challenges of the 21st century. As a global entrepreneur, she runs her business location independent and lives in Amsterdam, Lisbon, and Brazil.

How to create and lead an empowered team

June 28th • Careers Room • Premium Ticket

Tech teams need to be highly specialised and autonomous in order to be innovative, agile and motivated.  This requires different mindset and skillset from the modern day manager or team lead.
In this 1,5 hour workshop we focus on building and leading such a team. We touch on self governance, the role of the manager, decision making, and conflict- and crisis management in empowered teams. The workshop consists of a theoretical part, a business case and a group discussion.