Andrej Balaz

Andrej Balaz ~ Partner @ Revealed

Andrej works at the intersection of business, strategy and service design. He combines tools and perspectives from design and market research, bridging both disciplines to discover and define new markets. With over 8 years of design experience in B2C and B2B contexts in various industries ranging from smart manufacturing, personal and public mobility to connected living and healthcare, Andrej helps clients to transition from insight generation to building and testing services that customers will love.

Beyond analytics data.
What data matters to create value for customers and revenue growth for your business

June 28th • Side Stage • Premium Ticket

Building software products has become easier and faster than ever. So is being pushed out of the market. In order to stay relevant to your customers and in business, we have to look beyond usability and analytics data that are useful for improving the user’s experience with a product. Rene and Andrej will share what new types of data you need to gather if you want to create value for customers and revenue growth for your business!

Customer interview workshop:
Understand what people will want to buy with jobs to be done
(powered by Revealed)

June 28th • Careers Room • Premium Ticket

What motivates customers to buy a product? Why do they choose one over the many others on the market? And how can you create insights that will help you build products new customers will want to buy? Get answers to these questions in our practical, 2-hour Jobs to be Done workshop. You will observe a live customer interview, learn how to organise the data gathered and practise interviewing 1:1. If you want to become better at interviewing customers and understanding why they will want to buy your product, then this workshop is for you.