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The Landing Festival is the perfect place to expand your mind to technology career options.
— Joel Gascoigne, Co-Founder and CEO at Buffer
What else?
Stand-up Comedy
Tim FitzHigham
Tim FitzHigham will help us embark on an eccentric series of mental adventures. Ready to break some laughter records?
Magic Show
Christoph Wilke
Christoph Wilke will make you see the magic of technology in a brand new way. Get ready for some brand new iPad moves.
Live Art Performance
Tetley Clarke
Tetley Clarke is a freelance illustrator and comics artist. He'll be joining us to sketch a viral mural reflecting the spirit of the festival.
Boat Party
Rocking Spree
What better way to wrap-up two days of craziness than a boat party? Get on board to see the wild side of Landing Festival on the Spree river.
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