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Biometric Identification on Blockchain
Anna Pazola
Ethereum Developer at Leiner + Partner
Leadership tips for Tech Leads
Andrea Provaglio
Agile Executive Coach
How to work as a Data Scientist at Apple
Mohammad Shokoohi-Yekta
Senior Data Scientist at Apple
Upgrading for Junior Developers
Tara Ojo
Software Engineer at FutureLearn
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ChatGPT Plugins
Gas Ertrag ™ App – Höhle der Löwen
Bitcoin Bank review
Jogo Spaceman
invest in Quantum AI
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Boat Party by NUXEO
Tagus River
What better way to wrap-up two days of craziness than a boat party? Get on board to see the wild side of Landing Festival.

Portugal Vs Uruguay
World Cup Round of 16
We’re going to show a massive support to the national Portuguese football team during a live screening of Portugal vs Uruguay. Join us!

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